Jessica Alba on tummy-toning yoga


“I have naturally full lips that I like to accentuate. My favourite lipstick is Revlon’s Colorburst in Plum, £7.99, when I’m feeling dramatic, and Blush when I want a more subtle look. The colour lasts for hours.”


“I’m lucky I don’t really need to diet – I eat what I want in moderation. But I try not to eat too much dairy or sugar. To keep in shape, I do power yoga. My cousin is a yoga instructor and comes to my house. Because it’s one-on-one, I get a great workout. It really tones up your tummy!”


“After a bath, I like to use Jo Wood Organics Usiku Body Oil, £35. It moisturises my skin without leaving it greasy. When I was younger I was critical of my figure. My mum told me to appreciate it, as it was downhill from there! Having my daughter Honor, now two, has made me care less about how I look – being a mother changes your priorities.”


“The camera picks up every line and wrinkle, so keeping my skin looking young is important to me. I use organic products like Yon-Ka’s creamy cleanser, £24, and Dr Hauschka Toned Day Cream, £25. Summer or winter, I wear an SPF to protect my skin from the sun.”


“A manicure is an instant pick-me-up. I feel more confident when my nails are done. At the moment my favourite shade is Revlon’s Nail Enamel in Valentine, £6.29.”

Source: Fabulousmag

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