People’s Most beautiful people 2010

People’s World Most Beautiful People 2010 this year includes a special section dedicated to the ‘Jessica’s, a name that first appeared as a character in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in the late 16th Century.

‘In the 80’s when most of these stars were born, Jessica was the most popular girl’s name in America. It means ‘He sees’. Feast your eyes’. The Jessica’s featured in this section are: Biel, Simpson, Capshaw, Stroup, Szhor, Lowndes, White, Stam and ofcourse Alba.

Jessica reveals “On my birth certificate, my name was Farrahdawn Louisa Alba! After I was born, my parents took one look at my jet black hair, olive skin and round features and decided I was a Jessica Marie.” Click on the preview below to view the scan.

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