‘Machete’ Illigal Trailer

The first trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s highly anticipate Machete has been released online staring  Don Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and Robert De Niro. It looks very old-skool (in a good way), and nice to see Lindsay Lohan again.  Watch the trailer below + screencaptures. enjoy.

The new so-called illegal trailer for the Robert Rodriguez flick Machete is introduced by lead Danny Trejo as a special Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona. (Immigration is the hot topic here.)

But politics quickly take a backseat here to some serious ass-kicking…

…not only by Trejo as an ex-Federale seeking vengeance after being double-crossed, but from Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheech Marin and a gun-licking Lindsay Lohan as well.

The clip is definitely NSFW thanks to an F-bomb lobbed by Robert De Niro—and all the gunshots and gore. But a little vulgarity is a small price to pay for seeing the Oscar winner and Steven Seagal in the same movie.

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