World Cup 2010: Jessica Alba Visits Soccer City In South Africa

The Hollywood starlet was on a charity mission for 1GOAL, but found some time to visit the newly built stadium in Johannesburg.. Credit:

The actress is famous for her roles in a variety of movies and her place amongst the A-list celebrities in Hollywood, but yesterday the silver-screen siren was not in a film studio or at a swanky California hot-spot.

Alba was in South Africa as co-chairperson of the 1GOAL: Education for All campaign, to meet with Dr. Jordaan about the importance of the World Cup in uplifting underprivileged children on the African continent.

“I have had an incredible visit to South Africa,” said Alba to “I’m happy to be sharing in the world’s excitement about the upcoming World Cup”.

“Not only is this going to be a tournament to remember, but the lasting legacy of this World Cup will be education for all,” said Alba, referring to the efforts by 1GOAL and a host of world leaders, star footballers and celebrities to use the World Cup to promote education among the youth.

Jordaan reiterated Alba’s focus on education through football in their brief meeting at the Organizing Committee headquarters at SAFA House in Johannesburg.

“When we bid to host the World Cup we did so with the understanding that the tournament must provide South Africa and Africa with a social and economic legacy; that it should uplift a continent,” he said.

“Ever since we won the bid we have been working on this goal and already we are starting to see the benefits for the children. The 1GOAL campaign is using the leverage of the World Cup to ensure that the future of Africa, its children, receive an education. Through football we are changing the continent for the better.”

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