Photo Update: Candids 2001-2007

Since there isn’t anything new to post, i’ve updated the gallery with old candids from 2001-2007, that have been sitting on my hard drive for over a year. Click on the links below to view them. Enjoy!!

2001: June 6th – At a Park in Beverly hills

2003: May 11th – At a restaurant in West Hollywood

2004: March 30th – Shopping at a department store in beverly Hills

2004: April 23rd – Shopping in Beverly Hills

2004: July 8th – At a coffee shop and magazine stand in West Hollywood

2004: October 10th – At a magazine stand in West Hollywood

2005: January 2nd – Out in Miami

2005: January 31st – At a coffee shop in west LA

2005: February 19th – Leaving club ‘Gays’ in West Hollywood

2005: April 20th – Running erands around West LA

2005: April 28th – Shopping in Beverly Hills

2005: August 20th – Out in Santa Barbara

2005: September 12th – Shopping at Kitson on Roberton Blvd

2005: November 11th – Shopping at Fred Segal in Beverly Hills

2006: February 6th – Grocery shopping at Bristol Farms

2006: February 24th – Arriving at the ‘Principe di Savoia’ hotel in Milan

2006: February 26th – Out in Paris

2006: March 12th – At the Century City Mall in LA

2006: March 23rd – Grocery shopping at Bristol Farms

2007: March 7th – Out in Beverly Hills