Jessica Alba talks to OK! Magazine

Jessica Alba talks to OK! Magazine

JESSICA Alba says it’s OK to stay with ‘Mr Right Now’ and says there should be no pressure to find ‘Mr Right’.
Valentine’s Day star Jessica Alba, who is married to Cash Warren, says sticking with ‘Mr Right Now’ until he “gets on your nerves” is perfectly acceptable.

She told “It’s OK to be with ‘Mr Right Now’, as long as he doesn’t get on your nerves. Once they start getting on your nerves they’ve got to go. But you can stay with ‘Mr Right Now’ until that happens. It takes about a week-and-a-half to a month before they get annoying.”

And the actress, who married Cash in 2008, says even when you meet ‘Mr Right’, it’s not always an easy ride.

She added: “I kind of did it all at once [marriage and having a baby]. Love is ever evolving and it takes compromise, work and patience. Right when you think you have a grasp on how to love your partner everything gets turned upside down and you have to step up your game and evolve together.

“That’s something I didn’t know until six years later. Being married to me is all about knowing I have a partner in life and that someone’s got my back. Your husband or your wife is the only person you can really choose to be your family and have that unconditional love for.”

Jessica told us she’ll be spending Valentine’s Day at home with daughter Honor and husband Cash.

She said: “I will be flying home the day before [Valentine’s Day] and I have a little cherub, my daughter, that I’m going to be kissing and loving all day – and a hubby. My day will consist of lots of hugs and kisses.”


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