Jessica Alba covers Cosmopolitan (UK)’s March Issue

Cosmopolitan (UK)'s March Issue

Jessica Alba mentioned in one of her tweets a while ago that she was doing a photoshoot for UK’s Cosmopolitan, and the issue is now available on newstands. Below are some of the interview highlights and HQ scans. Enjoy.

On husband Cash Warren
“We’re similar in some ways and opposites in others. We’re similar in social situations – we’re both open. But he’s not crazy about movies and I am. He doesn’t like cooking and I do. He loves sport and I don’t. Well, I do but I’d rather not watch it for 12 hours a day – then watch the highlights at the end!”

On Equality in Hollywood
“I believe there’s going to be more equality, and if women take on the attitude of lifting each other up instead of being  competitive with each other, it’ll be better for all of us. There are amazing actresses – Zoe Saldana, Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes – so I’m all about supporting each other to succeed. A lot of women are so concerned with society telling us that we need to emulate this persona – like, if you’re a mum you act like this, and if you-re the girl next door you have to act like that. I was focused on making money and trying to stay relevant. I never bucked the system. But now I feel I can have more control and I want to play women who are strong  and independant, who are completely flawed and have problems but that’s OK.”

On working with Lindsay Lohan
“Yeah, and my husband may do a TV show with her – ironically, about the ridiculousness of tabloids. Lindsay’s had to deal with this for so long. Everyone has to live their life, and that’s what people forget when you’re in this business. Lindsay’s really nice. We hang out and chat for hours about girl stuff.”

Magazine Scans

Photoshoot by Mark Liddell

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