Jessica Alba at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival


Jessica Alba was seen out and about in Park City, Utah earlier today (Jan 24) for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival where “The Killer Inside Me” will premiere later today at 9.3pm. Click on the previews below to view, and if the premiere photos become available, i shall add them tomorrow morning.

Jessica Alba sighting in Park City, Utah

2010 Park City – “The Killer Inside Me” Dinner

2010 Sundance Film Festival – “The Killer Inside Me” Premiere

Audiences React to The Killer Inside Me
Filmmaker Michael Winterbottom (24 Hour Party People) had two distinctly different films in the festival, but it wasn’t the one entitled The Shock Doctrine that drew the most polarizing reactions from festival goers. It was his dark, psycho-sexual thriller The Killer Inside Me, a character study of a small-town sheriff (Casey Affleck, who drew kudos, incidentally) who harbors a sinister secret. Critics in attendance reported on a number of mid-movie walkouts — including one by co-star Jessica Alba — due to the extremely violent content in the film, which is based on the 1952 noir novel by Jim Thompson. (For the record, we don’t know why Alba walked out.) Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson and Screen Crave’s Mali Elfman Tweeted from the scene of the lively Q&A that followed:

“Audience disturbed by shocking violent beating of women. One woman berates Sundance for booking it. Winterbottom moved by book.” – Anne Thompson, Thompson on Hollywood

“Crew on stage & lady yelled out ‘I can’t believe Sundance approved this, it was dark unnecessary & horrible’ then people booed as she left.” – Mali Elfman, Screen Crave.

Alba rep denies film walkout

A representative has brushed off speculation Jessica Alba is disgusted by her violent new movie The Killer Inside Me, after the actress was spotted walking out of its screening.

Alba plays a prostitute who is bludgeoned by a psychotic killer in the upcoming thriller, which has come under fire from critics for its excessive gore.

And the 28 year old sparked rumours that even she couldn’t tolerate the bloody scenes after leaving a theatre halfway through a screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Sunday.

But her spokesperson insists Alba only left the cinema to catch a plane.

Her rep Brad Cafarelli explains, “This rumour is silly and not accurate at all. Jessica had seen the final version of the film just prior to coming to Sundance and was pleased with the outcome. She came in to support the film and the filmmakers by introducing the screening, which she did, and left right after to get home to her family in L.A., as planned.”

Source: Jam! Showbiz

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