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Jessica Alba Wants More Kids!

“We’ll Have a Few…Three or Four.”

Plus, Alba Reveals She Checks on One-Year-Old Daughter 3X a Night!

I still check if she’s breathing…She’s fine…She’s just sleeping.”

The gorgeous Jessica Alba tells “Extra” special correspondent Lauren Sanchez that she and husband Cash Warren plan to have more kids saying, “We’ll have a few [kids]…three or four.” Alba also revealed how daughter Honor keeps her in shape and her advice to other mothers.

The now slimmed-down Alba admits the pregnancy weight didn’t just melt away. “It didn’t all come off at once. In fact, I shockingly gained weight right after I had the baby…So I worked out. It wasn’t fun. Twice a day. I ate really healthy.”

Alba tells Sanchez that her rigorous workout routine lasted about eight weeks and now, she depends on her daughter to stay in shape. “[Now] I don’t really have time to work out so much anymore. Running after my daughter and holding her. She’s heavy, so that really helps with the old arm tone.”

As for the hardest thing to get used since becoming a mom, Alba responded, “Not sleeping. Even if she’s sleeping…I still check if she’s breathing. She’s fine. She’s just sleeping but you still go in and make sure she’s fine. Tuck her in three times…”

Alba gives advice to other mothers saying, “Leave room for mistakes…I think nothing’s going to be the way you want it to be. Exactly how you planned it…”

This Saturday, Alba will be joining EIF Revlon Run/Walk in New York to raise awareness for woman’s cancer. “You can feel the energy, the hope when you are there,” she says.

Sanchez caught up with Alba at Warren’s business offices ( Alba wants YOU to take part in a competition – “What inspires you the most?” Winners get prize packages from Revlon. Competition ends May 11th. Go to or to enter.

“Extra’s” interview with Jessica Alba airs tonight, and for more on this story, click HERE

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