Jessica Alba Vs. Billy O’Reilly

Jessica Alba had a few choice words for Bill O’Reilly on the red carpet of the Jan. 18 Declare Yourself party in Washington, D.C.

When asked by a producer of The O’Reilly Factor if she had an Inauguration shout-out for the controversial show host, Alba said, “No, he’s kind of an…kind of an a–hole. A little bit.”

(The Barack Obama supporter didn’t have kind words for departing President George W. Bush either. The last thing she’d say to him as he leaves office? “Goodbye,” she said.)

“How so?” the producer asked.

“I don’t know how he does it…maybe he was born that way,” she said, smiling.

When pressed for an example of O’Reilly’s uncouth behavior, Alba added: “Um, no. Then that means I’m admitting I actually watched FOX.”

O’Reilly snapped back after airing Alba’s diss on his Jan. 19 show.

“[We] believe Miss Alba is misguided and would benefit greatly if she actually did watch The Factor,” he said.

Source: US Weekly

I’ve uploaded the two clips to, check them out below.