Declare yourself Part 2

Below is the new Jessica Alba ‘Declare yourself’ which has just been released. Make sure you head over to to register before the deadline, if you haven’t done so already. (in most its October 6 to be able to vote in this crucial Presidential election.)

(Click in the image above to view in full size).
Los Angeles, CA (OCTOBER 1, 2008) –Actress Jessica Alba, wearing only a Hannibal Lecter-type mask called “The Muzzler” appeared in the newest image in Declare Yourself’s provocative campaign to compel young people to register and vote rather than “silencing themselves.” Declare Yourself, the national nonpartisan, nonprofit youth voter initiative aimed at energizing young adults to participate in the 2008 election, recently gained national media attention with an initial photo of Alba showing the actress silenced, and struggling against dramatic bindings. Both images were shot by renowned photographer Mark Liddell. They are available for download at, and can be circulated virally; they will also be featured in national publications this fall.

“These images, while incredibly unsettling, are extremely compelling to today’s young adults,” said Marc Morgenstern, Declare Yourself Executive Director. “With less than 40 days left until the national election, we deliberately chose vivid and startling imagery to break through and underscore the grave consequences of not voting and in effect muzzling oneself.”

The “Only You Can Silence Yourself” campaign, which first appeared during the 2004 presidential race, communicates the importance of voting, reminding young Americans that only they can stop themselves from participating in democracy. Featuring a mix of “real people” and young celebrities, the unique spots are aimed at making those who see them stop, look, discuss, and, ultimately, become moved to participate. Previous campaigns starred Christina Aguilera and André Benjamin, and were created by David LaChapelle.

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