The 15 most dangerous celebrities to search for on the Web

Internet security company McAfee sends along a list of the celebrity-name Web searches most likely to result in you stumbling onto some spyware- or virus-infested site.

This is the second year McAfee has done the report, and Paris Hilton went from being the most dangerous celebrity search last year to falling off the list completely this year, while Britney Spears, who was fourth last year, also disappeared from the rankings.

Jessica ranked in at number 6 this year. is ofcourse 100% safe.

6  Jessica AlbaRed-ranked risky sites were identified when searching for “Jessica Alba” and “Jessica Alba downloads.” The sites contained hundreds of malicious downloads, links to other bad sites, misleading offers to gather information, and a high number of spam emails when an email address was provided.

Check out the rest of the list here.

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