Estylo June 2008

The last time Jessica Alba appeared on our cover (November, 2007), it was due to her roles in box-office blockbusters such as the Fantastic Four films, Into the Blue and Sin City. Her potent image as an action babe has made her one of Hollywood’s top Latin leading ladies. Now the 27-year-old star is taking on a completely different role, one that is totally new to her—mother. She’s pregnant with her first child, due this month, and that was the first thing on her mind when we talked to her.

Estylo: How are things coming along with your pregnancy?
Alba: Good. Really good, thank you.

Estylo: Any cravings?
Alba: Oh, this is so boring! I don’t! Isn’t that terrible?

Estylo: Some things must be different.
Alba: Well, for sure I eat much more than before. I used to go for long days and forget to eat and grab a meal at night, but now every couple of hours, I turn into Satan if I don’t eat something! (laughs) And I’m much more tired than before.

Estylo: How about emotionally and intellectually—do you feel a change? You have an added responsibility now.
Alba: The way I approach things and see things, yeah. I definitely look at the world and the media and that kind of stuff and think, how will this affect this little person who going to be in my life and what does that mean? When you’re in the world and you’re a grownup that’s one thing, but when you think about how it’s going to affect a little mind it’s completely different. I also think about how I’m more—as much as I can, I have a green mentality about stuff and I’m a lot more eco-conscious. I’m somebody who is trying to be as “green” as possible with my car, my consumer habits.

Estylo: Do you think you are more socially and politically engaged now?
Alba: You know, I’ve always been involved in social issues, certainly in the inner city and educational mentor programs, giving to people who don’t grow up in environments where education or even individuality is fostered. It’s kind of, like, a “deal with life and survive” mentality and if you can rise above it, great. I’ve always been involved in that, and especially if I have time off I can get more involved. It’s important to expose my children to less privileged life, because I think a lot of kids can live in a bubble.

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