2002-2004 Candid Update

Candids: May 2nd 2002 – On her way to the gym
Candids: January 26th 2003 – In San Diego
Candids: June 6th 2003 – Lunch with mom at Sunset Plaza
Candids: June 11th 2003 – Lunch with mom at Il Fornalo
Candids: September 22nd 2003 – Grocery shopping at Ralph’s
Candids: October 1st 2003 – Breakfast at the Kings Road Cafe
Candids: October 3rd 2003 – Leaving the grand opening of Avalon
Candids: November 22nd 2003 – Leaving Barney’s department store, NY
Candids: March 18th 2004 – Leaving grand opening of Rockstar club
Candids: April 13th 2004 – On the set of Entourage
Candids: May 25th 2004 – Leaving Club National

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