Jessica and Cash just got married.

Sorry, guys. Jessica Alba’s “taken” status is legal. The 27-year-old actress quietly wed producer Cash Warren on Monday, her publicist, Brad Cafarelli, said Tuesday in an e-mail to The Associated Press. Cafarelli didn’t give further details.

The pair became engaged in late December following Alba’s announcement that she’s expecting a baby with Warren, 31. They met on the set of the 2005 film “The Fantastic Four,” which costarred Alba and employed Warren as a director’s assistant.

Her wedding, first reported Monday by, was such a quiet affair that even her brother, Josh Alba, was apparently caught off-guard. When reached by Us Weekly magazine with the news, he responded: “My sister!? I’m going to have to call her!”

When asked if Warren was good husband material, Alba said: “Well, he’s my brother-in-law now!”

Alba’s recently appeared in “Awake,” “Good Luck Chuck” and “The Ten.” The sex symbol first gained fame as an action star on TV’s “Dark Angel,” then in films including “Fantastic Four” and “Sin City.”

Besides a baby, Alba is also expecting two films this summer: “Meet Bill,” in which she plays a lingerie saleswoman who helps turn life around for a loser, and “The Love Guru” with Mike Myers as a self-help weirdo trying to patch things up between a hockey star and his wife.

Alba charts high in men’s magazines’ lists of the “sexiest” women in the world. She was No. 1 to FHM readers last year, and dropped to No. 3 this year (with “Transformers” star Megan Fox claiming the top spot). Alba sued Playboy in 2006 for putting her picture on its cover without her consent, but dropped the action the following month when Playboy donated to two charities Alba supports and Hugh Hefner wrote a letter of apology.

Congratz to both of them.

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