Jessica alba to grace Allure next month

Gearing up for her latest movie, the Mike Myers comedy The Love Guru, Jessica Alba takes on the guise of screen comedy’s first iconic figure, Charlie Chaplin – all for the June issue of Allure.

In the course of the accompanying interview, the pregnant Alba, 27, opens up about her sexy public image and how she finally learned to feel comfortable with her body.

Some highlights from the interview:

On Her Steamy Public Image: “[Hollywood] always play[s] up your sexuality, because that’s what gets men into the theaters. And I never really gave a s— about all that stuff! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. But it is definitely not what I am about by any means!”

On Owning Her Sexuality: “I don’t think I was comfortable with my sexuality until I was an adult, probably, like, 22 – that’s when I stopped apologizing and stopped feeling ashamed. I did the Vagina Monologues in L.A. That made me proud.”

On Sex Before Marriage: “I never believed women had to be virgins when they got married, or that a woman has to fall in love with a guy just because they’re having sex. I don’t think sex is a big deal. I hated the hypocrisy of it. Men can do whatever, and it’s acceptable.”

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