Jessica on the cover of FHM Australia

nullJessica topped the Australian FHM Sexiest list of 2008, and to celebrate this, she is the cover girl for the June issue. A preview of the cover can be seen on the left, and scans will be added ones i receive my copy, which i’ve ordered online. Below you can read a few of the reasons why Australians love Jessica.

Jessica Alba is a cult. Not a cult like Donnie Darko is a cult film or Hüsker Dü a band bigger. Not a bury-weaponry-in-your-yard-for-the-coming-race-war cult, either. Her sexiness is almost unquantifiable… sexier than it’s possible for a person to be.

She has is a supernatural combination of innocence, smarts and X-factor, but she’s more than the sum of those glorious parts. What other woman could have the audacity to both give birth and make a run at topping the world’s largest magazine poll in the same year?

She says: “I never play up the sex appeal. It’s not my thing. But you know, they have to sell movies.”

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