JESSICA ALBA has set the date to wed boyfriend CASH WARREN

The Fantastic Four star revealed that the couple, who are expecting their first baby in the early summer, will tie the knot soon.

“I’m getting married, yes,” she confirmed.
Although she refused to name the day, the stunning actress said they were both looking forward to being parents.

“We’re both really happy. It’s such a miracle.”

Speaking at the launch of her new movie The Eye, the heavily pregnant 25-year-old told me she wasn’t using her baby bump as an excuse for taking it easy.

“I’m trying to stay relatively healthy and fit,” she said.

“It helps with the labour and anything that makes labour easier, I’m all for.”

In the supernatural thriller, Jessica plays a young musician who had been blind since she was a child.
An eye transplant offers her the chance to see again but her new eyes come with a second sight that is more of a curse than a blessing.

Jessica researched her role by spending time with a woman who has been blind from the age of three and said she was really impressed.

“She spoke three languages and travelled around the world independently,” she revealed.

“She was my sole inspiration for this movie.”

You can watch the full interview at  CLICK HERE

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