Alba takes young fan on shopping spree

Jessica Alba took a young girl with a life-threatening illness on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills.

The ‘Fantastic Four’ actress took her young fan on the 90-minute jaunt and helped her pick out a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit as part of the Kids Wish Network charity.

A shop insider said, “Jessica got a chance to practise her parenting skills, and the young girl looked as though she was having a brilliant time. After Jessica helped her choose a tracksuit and raincoat, they went to our VIP room for a private chat.

“On the way out, the little girl gave both Jessica and one of our store managers a little coin that said, ‘You’re an official guardian angel.’ ”

The Kids Wish Network is a US charity dedicated to creating happy memories for children with potentially fatal diseases.

A writer on the blog section of the Kids Wish website wrote, “I hope that celebrities realize how much their caring and their time means to these kids. We’ve had doctors and social workers tell us that the lift in their spirits affects the physical health of many wish kids in a positive way. And it lasts.

“So thank you to all of the celebrities who have given of themselves to help grant the wish of a child who is facing some major medical battles.”

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