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Alliance of Moms presents Raising Baby

Jessica Alba, together with other mothers, attended a charity event called “Raising Baby”. Rachel Bilson , Kristen Bell and Jordana Brewster were also at the event . Great women in one action, and also in one photo, aaa, now I’m absolutely pleased and glad it happened. Because I love all four, so for me satisfaction. Otherwise you definitely have to see their instagram photo together, it is worth it . And what is the Alliance of Moms really? More or less, it is an alliance founded by five mothers in 2014, which deals with children’s rights. Their mission is to mobilize a community of volunteers fighting for our children in foster care. More than 75 %girls in foster care have experience with pregnancy before 21 years. The Mothers Alliance feels related to this vulnerable population. They realize that these girls had no advantage of parental role models. The Alliance creates educational programs that inform everyone about it, and that makes it possible for everyone to have a healthier childhood than theirs.


And again some photoshoot, they are still only two photos, but maybe they will show up a little more, over time it will show what will happen. Otherwise, it is a photoshoot for, which Jessica interviewed and where she wrote an article about her new brand Honest Beauty. Photos taken by Jessica’s good friend Justin Coit.

It only took a moment to talk to Jessica Alba to realize how enthusiastic she was in her new Honest Beauty collection. From product testing to mascara, Jessica picked me the mascara I took home from our meeting. And there’s plenty! Not only the standards for natural formulas and eco-friendship, but also the diversity is impressive: there is a face preparation with hyaluronic acid, 3 types of lip cosmetics (from lipsticks to glosses, a total of 16 shades) and an eyebrow pencil, you cannot list everything. There are also other fun details such as online tutorials (with Jessica herself) as well as a subscription option where subscribers receive 3 products each month. It should be noted that Jessica thought of everything. (And the recommended mascara? She changed my life.) More at

Dreamforce Conference

Immediately after returning from New York, Jessica attended the Dreamforce conference held in San Francisco from September 15 to September 18. Jessica performed the penultimate day of September 17th. And what is Dreamforce about? Dreamforce brings together leading thinkers, industry pioneers, and thousands of others. It’s four days of fun, inspiration and much more. More than 1500 sessions and thousands of solutions from the largest who understand it. At Dreamforce, obash has been tailored to the industry, role and size specifications. So in fact, whoever comes in will see the boom and notice an increase. Jessica performed here and introduced The Honest Company and I would say she also spoke about the new Honest Beauty, a cosmetics company.

Watch What Happens Live

While Jessica was in New York and wasn’t on any of the shows, she attended the Watch What Happens Live TV show, where Jessica also met Cash’s dad, Michael Warren. Jessica suited again, great makeup and outfit, hairstyle too. He just knows how to dress and how to look good.

Self (October 2015)

Jessica Alba is on the cover of the October SELF issue . In this issue she talked about the company, exercise and so on. Something little translated from the magazine, it will be such a shortened version, miss something, edit something so that it makes at least a little sense.

There’s a lot of celebrities with lifestyle brands, and then there’s Jessica Alba. In three and a half years, Jessica has turned into a successful entrepreneur and co-owner of The Honest Company, which produces eco-friendly products for personal use. Every customer from Target stores has tried it themselves, their products are on the shelves. More than 120 kinds of products, from household cleaners, to toothpastes, vitamins and diapers, all without chemicals. Albums and co-owners earned enough. The expansion to South Korea and China also worked, so the company is worth over $ 1.7 billion. /..more you can read in the magazine whose scans are in the gallery /

 Photos for the magazine were shot by a very handy photographer Gilles Bensimon, who had already shot some shoots with her before, for example for the February issue of ELLE magazine in 2008 and the November issue of ELLE in 2006 . This time it was a change, not Elle but Self, as written above. And now the photos, be sure to look at them, because Jessica looks great again. I added both scans and photoshoot.

Narciso Rodriguez fashion show.

Jessica took part in Narcissus Rodriguez’s show , he’s one of her favorite fashion designers, so she just had to attend. She went to the show with her husband Cash Warren, they had such a married date. She was also on the show with Michael Warren, Cashe’s father. Jessica was really fine, she was wearing a blue Kurt Geiger dress.

Tory Burch fashion show.

Another show Jessica was attending was Tory Burch , which took place on September 15 at Avery Fisher Hall, New York. Jessica was also seen on the show with Maggie Q and model Liu Wen and fashion guru Derek Blasberg . Jessica wore a dress with flowers that looked quite ordinary, but they were really pretty and beautiful.

Thakoon fashion show.

Jessica’s first show was Thakoon’s show at SIR Stage37 on Sunday, September 13th. She was wearing such – well, how to say it – leisure and social clothes. It wasn’t a dress, and probably not much extra, but it still looked good. She added everything with her smile.

New York – Part IV.

Another batch of paparazzi photos from New York. It may never end / do not worry, yeah, but there will be about two or three articles, but we will see, maybe more: D /. These will be photos from September 14th and September 15th. Jessica had a visit to New York. Who are you asking? Well, husband Cash and his second daughter Honor . They all went to dinner and they also went to New York. Basically, there is nothing more to write about the photos. You will see everything yourself.

Good Morning America.

There was already a sound about the show in the show “Good Morning, America” or in the original title “Good Morning America”. Even photos from arrival, filming and departure have been added. Now I have added to the gallery photos from the show, as if “stillsky”. Jessica really did look good on the show and she smiled and enjoyed the show. :) Look at the photos and the whole album can be found on this link .