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People’s Most beautiful people 2010

People’s World Most Beautiful People 2010 this year includes a special section dedicated to the ‘Jessica’s, a name that first appeared as a character in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in the late 16th Century.

‘In the 80’s when most of these stars were born, Jessica was the most popular girl’s name in America. It means ‘He sees’. Feast your eyes’. The Jessica’s featured in this section are: Biel, Simpson, Capshaw, Stroup, Szhor, Lowndes, White, Stam and ofcourse Alba.

Jessica reveals “On my birth certificate, my name was Farrahdawn Louisa Alba! After I was born, my parents took one look at my jet black hair, olive skin and round features and decided I was a Jessica Marie.” Click on the preview below to view the scan.

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Tatler (UK) – June 2010 scans

Jessica Alba graces the cover of the new issue of Tatler magazine, as mentioned in the dailymail. I’ve updated the gallery with 10 HQ scans from the June issue of Tatler Magazine. Click on the previews below to view then and read some of the interview highlights below. Enjoy!!

On her role in Machete

‘I have never played a Latina in a film before so this is my first time, I’ve always thought if I’m going to play a Latina character, I want her to be this dynamic and strong woman, like the women I grew up with.’

Michael Winterbottom on Jessica Alba
‘When I met her she talked very interestingly about the character. She was very keen to play the part and had a real understanding of what Joyce was like as a person. It would have been so easy to play her as a femme fatale but she gave her dept and made her real.’

Having daughter Honor
‘After having a child you instantly feel mortal. I believe you’re here for a reason and I had to figure out what that was. I mean, what I had been doing was fine, but I felt like I was going through the motions’. Having Honor made Alba ‘reassess why I was in this business. I have the luxury of being in an industry where I can sometimes be part of this artistic community and then I can shift to my family, where I am a mother and a wife’.

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Jessica Alba to be featured in Tatler’s next issue

According to the Dailymail, Jessica Alba will feature in next months issue of Tatler magazine. Hopefully this will be a cover. The above photo was taken by Guy Aroch in March, and you can view 2 behind the scenes photos below which Jessica shared via twitter/facebook. Ill scan the magazine ones it hits the newstands.

Actress Jessica Alba has spoken of the anguish of playing a prostitute murdered by a serial killer.

The 29-year-old described filming the brutal scenes with co-star Casey Affleck for The Killer Inside Me and said: ‘It was horrible when he was doing that stuff.’

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FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2010

#9 Jessica Alba

Last year: 3rd

What a difference four years makes. “I don’t do nudity. I just don’t. I have too much anxiety,” said the leggy Californian back in 2006. So how did Brit director Michael Winterbottom persuade our 2007 winner to bare all during several S&M scenes in controversial film noir The Killer Inside Me? We’ll wager it wasn’t with the promise of her character then being beaten to within an inch of her life. Let’s hope it hasn’t put the 29-year-old off any repeat performances any time soon.

Top 10:
#10. Abbey Clancy
#09. Jessica Alba
#08. Adriana lima
#07. Kelly Brook
#06. Kristen Stewart
#05. Keeley Hazell
#04. Frankie Sandford
#03. Marisa Miller
#02. Megan Fox
#01. Cheryl Cole

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Jessica Alba on the cover of Total Film’s June 2010 issue

Check out Jessica Alba looking good!!! on the current issue of Total Film. Scans will be added tomorrow, and in the mean time, CLICK HERE to view a preview of the digital edition. 14 high quality scans have been added to the gallery. Click on the previews below to view them aswell as the interview highlights.

This month Total Film has been hanging out with Jessica Alba, and along with a great cover shot, she gave us all the inside info on The Killer Inside Me, Machete and Sin City 2.

The Killer Inside Me
“Violence, death and killing not pretty, and I think maybe people have this idea that this homicidal maniac should do it cleanly and victims should jut scream and it’s over. But this isn’t a horror movie.”

Sin City 2
” Nancy’s the sweetest by far of all the women, she wasn’t jaded at all – so it would be nice to see effects of her adult life on her. It might be fun to see when she gets her groove and understands the ways of the world.”

Brittany Murphy’s death
“I wouldn’t equate what happened to her with Hollywood and being a woman. I knew her more personally than at work. It just seemed like such a shame that others people in the world couldn’t experience her light and brightness and her sweetness”.

The paparazzi
“It is what it is. But if I don’t leave the house, I don’t get to go anywhere and there’s no point in doing that. I’m a person! I think if you complain about it you seem like an asshole. More of an asshole than if you just go with it. It’s not like you ever get used to it – it’s like having sex with the camera in front of you – it’s just as awkward!”

Daughter Honor
“My daughter is so independent. No one’s going to stomp on her, no one’s going to tell her anything, she’s going to do exactly what she wants to do. She’s not a weak girl!”

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Jessica Alba featured in this weeks OK! (UK)

As I’ve mentioned on twitter yesterday, Jessica is featured in a small article in this week’s issue of OK! magazine. Scan can be viewed by clicking on the preview on the left.

In other news, Jessica is on the cover of more international editions of Cosmopolitan including: Australia, Indonisia, Estonia, Portugal, Mexico and Greece.

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March 2010 scans update

March, 2010 Magazine scans

I’ve updated the gallery with scans from this weeks issue of OK!, Cosmopolitan (Italy) and an additional cover of Cosmopolitan (Russia). Big thanks to everyone who scanned them for the site. Click on the previews below to view them.

Cosmopolitan (Russia) – March 2010 (Scanned by Uvan)

Cosmopolitan (Italy) – March, 2010 (Scanned by Robert)

OK! (UK) – March 09, 2010

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Cosmopolitain (Russia) March scans

High quality scans from the March edition of Cosmopolitan (Russia) are now available in the gallery. A big thanks to Elmira for scanning it for us. Click on the previews below to view.

EDIT: Jessica is also on the covers of various other International editions including Greece, Italy, Korea, Poland and Ukraine. Please donate scans if you live in any of the above countries. Previews of the covers can be viewed below.

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Scans from Siempre Mujer’s February/March issue

Siempre Mujer February/March scans

I’ve updated the gallery with high quality scans from Siempre Mujer’s February/March issue. It’s all in spanish so for those of you who don’t speak the language (like myself), below are some highlights in English that were posted a couple of weeks ago.

About learning Spanish: “I know the basics, but I just hired a professor that specializes in Hispanic studies to teach me and Honor. God knows that I wish I was raised bilingual. But it wasn’t to be.”

About when the media questioned her about her Hispanic heritage when she was 18: “I tried to explain to them that in this country I’m considered Latina and, thus, I consider myself Latina as well. I grew up eating enchiladas. Even more, in my house the only American-style dish we ate was spaghetti with ground beef. I identify with Mexicans. It’s in my blood whether or not I speak Spanish.”

About why she didn’t defend herself better to the journalists: “I didn’t want to misrepresent Latinos and I didn’t know how to defend myself. But I went to my room and I cried all night. Since then, I’ve preferred not to comment on the subject.”

About why she’s speaking out now: “I want to make movies in Spanish…There are so many interesting themes and stories that are worth sharing, like the lives of immigrants, for example. There’s a whole world that hasn’t been sufficiently explored and I want to be part of it…The violence on the Mexican borders, the political upheaval in Venezuela and Bolivia and the drug trafficking in Colombia.”

About the strong women in her family: “In my house, all of the women surrounding me were strong and decisive. My grandmother and mother and incredibly confident. I’m a little more timid. But I think I’m strong, too. It’s a good balance, I think. I like confident people.”

About why she fell for her husband Cash Warren: “It’s because he doesn’t take life so seriously. Just like me. I couldn’t be with someone who couldn’t laugh at themselves. We have a good life.”

About what she would change about herself: “Well, maybe some stretch marks! But about my personality, I wish I could turn my brain off every once in a while. I’m too analytical.”

About what she wants Honor to learn from her: “To respect her elders. And to ask for their blessing regardless of their age.”

About her conservative upbringing: “I grew up in a very Catholic and conservative environment, in which you felt guilt ridden, as if you did something wrong you would end up in hell. Thankfully, I don’t believe that anymore. But if my grandmother sees me in panties in a movie, she gets really mad. Up until I was 18 years old, I was certain I was going to burn in hell.”