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Jessica featured in new photography book


Jessica Alba is featured in the new book by photographer ‘Mark Liddell’ which is available from October. ‘Exposed – 10 years in Hollywood’ looks into the world of photography, breaking all the rules. Mixed photographs of the world’s top celebrities, with unique design and text whilst raising funds for domestic abuse and suicide prevention.

Check out some of the pictures Mark took of Jessica below:
Shoot 01
Shoot 02
Shoot 03
Shoot 04
Shoot 05

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Myspace blog update: ‘Summer Update’

Jessica has finally posted a new blog on her myspace page entitled ‘Summer Update. CLICK HERE or read her entry below:

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all of your messages. They’re always so sweet. I have been working hard on a few new projects that I think you guys will hopefully love. I am really trying to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Will come back soon and post more details…

In the meantime, I’ve been getting a few questions from you about twitter. Honor keeps me a little too busy to tweet right now, but Cash signed up and is quite addicted…lol. Follow him at

Also, we had the pleasure of hosting my new little buddy Ryan Higa at our house a couple weeks ago. He is a sweetheart and so humble. He just posted a new quiz on his myspace page and I missed a few. Think you can do better?




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Jessica talks to Vogue Magazine

Jessica sat down with Vogue magazine and told them how she’s gone eco-chic in her life. From grass that never needs watering made from recycled tires to the composter in her backyard, Alba dishes on her new green ways — and how having a baby has changed her home for the better. Check it out below:

The article is featured in the July issue so i’ll buy that tomorrow to scan it for the site.

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Adapting French Comic ‘The Insiders’ To Film?

picture-21Is it not enough that Jessica Alba has already played iconic comic book characters in “Fantastic Four” and “Sin City“? Apparently not, as rumors swirl today about her involvement with yet another paneled page property.

ICv2 is reporting that Alba has acquired the screen rights to a French comic book series titled “The Insiders.” The news originated from “various French language Websites,” which also pegs Alba’s “Sin City” director Robert Rodriguez as her partner in securing the comic’s film rights.

“The Insiders” first debuted in 2002 from Jean-Claude Bartoll and Renaud Garreta, yielding seven volumes of the series in France with an eighth scheduled for this October. In the same month, Americans will also see the first volume of “The Insiders” titled Chechen Guerilla — perhaps a move to familiarize stateside audiences with Alba’s upcoming character.

Should the rumors pan out, Alba would play Najah Cruz, a Columbian woman with “the weapons expertise and combat skills of a James Bond.” In the series, Cruz is tasked with infiltrating a crime syndicate on behalf of the United States government, where she ultimately works her way into becoming the lead criminal’s body guard.

Given the long delays in “Sin City 2” and reports that a “Fantastic Four” reboot is in the works sans the original cast, Alba could be without a comic book franchise to call her own — which is why turning to “The Insiders” could be a strong move for an actress looking to stick with the genre.

On top of that, Alba’s first high-profile gig came in the form of “Dark Angel,” a James Cameron-produced television series where she played a hard-as-nails soldier of the same ilk as Najah Cruz. Truly, starring in “The Insiders” would be a return to form for the young actress.

Source: MTV Spash Page

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Extras needed for The Killer Inside Me

Producers of a movie being shot in Oklahoma said they need more extras to play farmers and senior citizens.

“The Killer Inside Me” has been shooting scenes all over the state, including some with stars Kate Hudson, Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba.

Scenes will be shot in Enid later this month. Extras will get paid $6.55 per hour with a four-hour minimum. Men who are cast as extras may have to get their hair cut.

For more information, visit the casting Web site.


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2009 Teen Choice Awards

Honor is nominated in the celebrity baby category for the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Make sure you vote by clicking on the image below, and hopefully she’ll win and Jessica will attend the ceremony. [Registration is required to vote, then just click on the ‘Other Stuff’ tab at the top, to avoid the other categories.]


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Jessica Alba Caught Vandalizing Oklahoma City


Many Oklahoma residents are angry after actress Jessica Alba pasted pictures of sharks across Oklahoma City. Alba, an animal activist, was trying to bring attention to the growing concern of the Great White Shark population.

It’s just disappointing. We want Oklahoma City to be beautiful and not an eyesore,” said Kristy Yager, spokeswoman for Oklahoma City. “This just causes problems.”

Yager first heard about the shark-infested vandalism Monday morning, as pictures of Jessica Alba’s alleged vandalism surfaced online, along with a shout out from someone who is complicit in this crime. In the pictures, she’s seen wrapping up utility boxes and proclaiming victory with shark pictures over a United Way poster. Many people are not only offended by the vandalism on their city, but also a little confused by the actress’ tactics.

I couldn’t tell what it was,” resident Steve Brinkley said. “It looked like a vandalized poster of sharks. I don’t feel like Jessica Alba raised my awareness any,” said Rachel Klein of United Way. United Way was one organization caught in the crossfire of this costly caper. It must now shell out about $235 for a new billboard. “It is an inconvenience for the United Way, especially going into our summer and fall campaigns,” Klein said. “We do want our Live United message out there.”

Messages left for Jessica Alba’s representatives were not returned. Yager said the city spends about $200,000 a year cleaning up graffiti and vandalism, which is classified as a crime. A police report on Alba’s vandalism has not been filed.


For more pictures, click on the image above.

Jessica Alba is speaking out to “The Insider” in the midst of a vandalism case in which unnamed individuals pasted numerous posters of sharks around Oklahoma City, including on a United Way billboard, last weekend.

I got involved in something I should have had no part of,” Alba tells us. “I realize that I should have used better judgment and I regret not thinking things through before I made a spontaneous and ill-advised decision to let myself get involved with the people behind this campaign. I sincerely apologize to the citizens of Oklahoma City and to the United Way for my involvement in this incident.” The Oklahoma City Police Department tells “The Insider” that the unnamed individuals pasted the shark posters on electrical boxes, one on a bridge, and one on a United Way billboard in the downtown area.


Under Oklahoma law, maliciously defacing property can be a felony punishable by prison time if the value of the damage exceeds $1,000 or more.

Estimates of the damage are between $500 and $700, said Kristy Yager, a spokeswoman for the city.


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Jessica Alba’s trashy home

The ‘Fantastic Four’ actress loves sifting through the rubbish left out by her neighbours to see if there is anything worth using.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: “Jessica is into doing creative projects, and she gets a lot of material from the junk her wealthy neighbours throw out.

“She doesn’t hide them, she’s proud of her work and reasons that it’s foolish to spend thousands of dollars at an expensive store when you can sometimes score just as nice things in the trash.”

Jessica – who has 11-month-old daughter Honor with husband Cash Warren – has already refurbished chairs, a table and picture frames she found on the street.

The source added: “She uses a lot of things she has redone in her own home, but she also gifts them to her friends.”

Source: BangShowbiz